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Frequently Asked Questions


Will the unit work with my model motorhome/caravan/camper?

There are too many variables for us to confirm the brackets will fit the windows in specific models (plus window designs can change year on year with a manufacturer). Since we started selling the units in 2012 we have been asked many times to make modifications to the brackets but they are hundreds of varying windows and window blinds, hence we have a generic one-fit bracket.

If the bottom of the window is level and does not have a blind housing at the base there is a good chance the brackets will fit without issue. On accommodation with a folding or rolling blind at the bottom of the window removing the clamp on the bracket often means the unit will fit the window. Sliding windows, such as those on a VW are usually not suitable for the brackets. 

We offer the facility for customers to borrow (with a returnable deposit) a pair of brackets to check suitability. If the brackets are right for the leisure vehicle and a unit is purchased we will then send a unit minus the brackets and deduct their cost.  Checking before purchasing enables you to work out where and how you will use the unit but remember you can also visit the showroom and perhaps tie in your trip with a holiday at the same time!

The unit can be used on the A-frame of a caravan (see photographs at the bottom of the home page) of how this can be achieved. It is perfectly safe to do this, the gas bottle (if cited at the front) is enclosed and will provide no issue. Most motorhomes/caravan gas canisters are housed in a safety cupboard designed specifically to safeguard against explosions.

I have a twin axle motorhome, large in length, will it cool enough for me?

It is very difficult for us to know this as it's subjectable! We would suggest if you are trying to cool a large space that you section it off if possible. For example some larger motorhomes will have either concertina blinds or doors which close the bedroom from the lounge. This will then allow you to have the unit on a living space window during the day and in the bedroom at night. Making the space smaller means the air con has less area to cool down and you will have a much cooler space in less time. Parking in the shade, closing the blinds, not having curtains trapped arond the unit, keeping windows shut (so hot air doesn't enter)... These are all things which make a difference and help the unit work to its best.

Do these work? Are they any good?

These units work well but do not match the performance of larger roof top air conditioning units. If it is hot outside these units bring welcome cooling air to a space where you can take shelter. In larger accommodation this may cool the lounge area only but it will reduce the temperature throughout the van. Unlike a mechanical or water cooled fan these units use refrigeration to remove heat from your space. Different to a fan, air conditioning removes moisture from the air which lowers the humidity inside your habitation. One benefit of having air conditioning at a lower level is the cold air can cool you more rapidly, rather like the blast of cold air you get from the vents in a car with air conditioning. Remember you can visit Trustpilot and check the reviews from our customer's including their recommendations and findings, click here to visit the site: Trustpilot

Can I see this unit working and test it out before I purchase?

You can visit our showroom in Essendine, near the Georgian town of Stamford, see a unit working and understand whether it is right for you. The demonstration unit is sited on the side of a caravan and in a room where you will be able to feel the benefit of the cooling and understand further how the brackets work. Please call our office if you would like to visit we are open office hours Monday to Friday, we are not open at weekends. Please call 01780 761372 to book a time.

Can I alter the brackets to suit my vehicle? What if I make a box/shelf/hole for the unit and it's fixed in place for example?

We love to see our customers get creative with how they use the air con unit. This does mean however that the product cannot be returned as it can no longer be re-sold or used for the original purpose. This may affect your rights to a refund or warranty, please do not be foolhardy and remember safety at all times!

Will it help me sleep at night? Does it have a timer?

When the humidity and heat are high it's difficult to get to sleep, with Cool My Camper's air conditioning unit this will not be a problem. Especially beneficial is the timer allowing you to fall asleep and not worry about turning the unit off, this can be set from 30 minutes up to 7.5 hours.

What temperature will it take my van down to?

We, nor anyone else, can claim that your accommodation will achieve any specific target temperature during the day because there are just too many variables to take into account. Solar gain through the poorly insulated roof, wall and windows of caravans and motorhomes is significant and any air conditioning unit is going to have a fight to try and achieve a low target temperature. Suffice to say, during the day these units will provide comfort cooling for you or your animals*. Once the sun goes down they will achieve the set target temperature.

*Please note we do not recommend leaving animals in a vehicle alone all day just in case, like some European sites, the power trips!

I have sliding windows can I still use the unit?

Unfortunately the brackets do not work with sliding windows. You will need a window like those shown on the images on the home page.

I don't have a suitable window. Can I disconnect the cord and pass this through a hole in the wall?

This is a refrigerant air conditioning unit. The umbilical cord between the two units contains 3 lines for refrigerant, two 230v flexible cables and a discharge tube for condensate. Disconnection of these components cannot be undertaken by the end user as refrigerant gas will be released and this will present a danger to the user and the environment. For a permanent installation customers can ask a suitably qualified person to remove the gas and disconnect the pipework. This will enable the pipe work to pass through a wall and be reconnected. The unit will then need re-gassing to operate. This operation would only make economic sense in a permanent installation i.e. a barge, static caravan or garden building.

Is it easy to install and remove?

Yes and, like most things, this becomes easier with practice.

With a helper: Go outside. Fit the hanging brackets to the exterior unit with the knurled knobs supplied. Positioning both units temporarily on a table can make this easier. Pass the interior (fan) unit through the window to your helper on the inside. Lift the exterior unit up and hang on the window.

On your own: Stay in your van. Fit the hanging brackets to the exterior unit with the knurled knobs supplied. Pass the exterior through the open window and hang on the window. Then position the fan unit on the brackets supplied or on a table/worktop.

Please note these units have a combined weight of 19.4kg so if you plan to install and use this with no helper please be aware it may be more difficult.

The unit must be stored in an upright position (see photographs) but can easily fit in a motorhome garage, underneath the bed or stowed in the back of a car if you have a caravan.  There are multi choices and we advise you to consider this before purchasing.

I've got an awning and the condensor will be in the awning - where will the water go?

The condensor will trickle water when the unit is in use depending on how hot and how much use there is - this is perfectly normal.  There are several options if you are worried about a wet ground sheet (please do remember the condensor air is warm so it may be warm in your awning!).  You can either use a different window (easiest option!) or if you need to use the unit on that particular window, place a bucket or other container underneath the condensor to collect the water that will be pumped out. Do not attempt to continually drain the water as the unit requires water to work and the bung should remain in place.

How much do these weigh?

The combined weight is 19.4Kg so if you are able bodied you can install the units by yourself but of course it is much easier if you have a helper!

Can the unit be hung on my motorhome's cab door?

The units are not suitable for hanging from the top of a partially opened glass window due to safety and practicality reasons.

Is it possible to see a unit working before I buy one?

We have a demonstration unit available in our premises. The unit hangs on a section of a caravan wall and will allow you to understand how the brackets work and the level of cool air you will benefit from. We are open Monday to Friday (closed weekends) during office hours please call us to arrange an appointment 01780 761372 or for further information.

Can I use this on a boat, barge or yacht?

Yes, if you have use of shore electrical supply or have an appropriate inverter you can use this unit on your vessel. We would recommend you scroll through the technical information and photographs to ascertain how and where this might work best for you.

Can these units be used while my vehicle is in motion?

No, the mounting brackets supplied are not designed for use while a vehicle is in motion. It would be reckless and dangerous to use this equipment when on the road. The unit can also not be used in transit vans or other commercial vehicles whilst driving.

Can these units be permanently fixed in place in a static caravan or chalet?

The mounting brackets supplied are not designed for permanent use. Some customers have undertaken fabrication of brackets to suit their needs. The unit does however provide a good temporary cooling solution if you have a small summerhouse or bedroom you wish to cool for a short period of time.

Does the inside unit have to be positioned above the outside unit?

Condensate water that collects inside the indoor (evaporative unit) is pumped out periodically when the water reaches a certain level. So the indoor unit can be positioned lower than the outdoor unit if needed.

Can I use this upside down, on its side or laying down?

No, the units must be used vertically.  Unlike a 3-way fridge this unit is a pumped refrigerant system so does not rely on gravity to work but both units need to be used vertically so that the compressor is effectively cooled by the oil and the condensate can be collected.

Will this work on a 12 volt system? Can I run this on a solar panel? Will this work on an inverter?

All units require 230v mains electrical supply. Customers can of course use an inverter to utilise power from batteries and solar panels to provide the 230v required. Be sure to size the inverter and batteries to suit your needs. We recommend the use of a pure sine inverter as they are kinder to electronic components. We would suggest contacting a specialist for further information on inverters and solar panels.

I am worried about security, will I be able to shut the windows? Can the equipment be stolen?

On most windows the fasteners can be positioned on the second (trickle ventilation) catch providing as good a level of security as a plastic window can provide. On some window designs the catches can be fully closed. Theft of the outside unit is unlikely as the compressor and condenser unit (outside) is physically connected to the evaporator fan unit (inside).  The combined weight of the units weigh 19.4kg so it would be very difficult to take this easily.

Does the Cool My Camper unit come with a bag for storage?

A bag is not provided with the air conditioning unit however we have a custom made bag in which you can store or carry your unit (made by bags4everything). This bag has been used by customers with great satisfaction. This can be purchased via our website.


Is it noisy?

The standard unit is relatively quiet and makes as much noise as a dishwasher operating in the next room. The high output unit is louder but still manageable and both units can be switched to a lower fan speed once the temperature has been brought down to something more comfortable.

Does it heat?

No, there is no heat pump on this equipment. In the winter months our users leave this at home and use the habitation heating or take a fan heater away.

Can you control the temperature?

When first switched on the unit operates at the fastest fan speed and maximum cooling. The push button controls allow users to select a certain temperature that is maintained by the unit. This flexibility allows the user more control i.e. providing a lower level of cooling after dusk.

Does this unit dehumidify the accommodation? Does the unit have to be switched off to empty out water?

Unlike a rotating fan air conditioning removes moisture from the air and lowers the humidity inside your habitation. Condensation forms on the cold surface of the evaporator (the inside fan unit) and runs down into a collection tray in the bottom of the unit (reservoir). When the condensate water reaches a certain level the water is pumped out of the unit through the umbilical cord to the compressor unit outside. Here the cold water trickles over the fins on the condenser which helps cooling and washes away loose dust.

Note: When packing up to move users should switch the unit off for at least 20 minutes before packing away to allow any ice crystals on the evaporator to defrost and run off into the collection tray. Then simply hold the fan unit out of the window and remove the rubber bung under the fan unit to allow this to drain away before stowing the unit for travel.

Can I leave this outside if there is a shower of rain? Is it safe?

The exterior unit has an IP (ingress protection) rating that makes it safe for use outside and the unit does not need to be removed if it is raining. The unit should not however be subjected to a direct jet of water under pressure from a hose or a jet wash.

I have a table or worktop directly under the window. Will we get better results if the fan unit is used there rather than on the window bracket?

The fan on these units is quite powerful however you will get even better performance if the unit can sit on a table or worktop just inside the window. Many caravan users will cite the unit on the table between the settees with the exterior unit on the A-frame. Please see photographs for ideas on where to use in your own vehicle.

Is there a lot of vibration?

Not really the compressor unit does have rubber feet to space the unit off the exterior wall which can reduce vibration further with correct adjustment.

Where does the water leave the condensor from?

There is a pressure drop valve on the bottom of the condensor unit on the right hand side (underneath the louvred section as you look at the unit).  The condensor will trickle water from the drainage area when unit is in use depending on how hot and how much water there is - this is perfectly normal.  It will be very minimal or maybe more depending on how long its in use for.


Can I detach the umbilical cord?

The umbilical cord between the two units contains 3 lines for refrigerant, two 230v flexible cables and a discharge tube for condensate. Disconnection of these components cannot be undertaken by the end user as refrigerant gas will be released and this will present a danger to the user and the environment. For a permanent installation customers can ask a suitably qualified person to remove the gas and disconnect the pipe work. This will enable the pipe work to pass through a wall and be reconnected. The unit will then need re-gassing to operate. This operation would only make economic sense in a permanent installation i.e. a barge, static caravan or garden building.

Can these units be installed on my roof?

Both units must stay upright when in use. This would make this type of installation difficult but a few have tried and succeeded.

How flexible is the umbilical cord?

The fixed umbilical cord between the two units is flat and contains 6 lines detailed above. The condensate tube and electrical flex are fully flexible. The gas lines are nylon 6.0mm tubing the likes of which are used in pneumatic control systems, fuel lines, and are described as flexible. In practice this means that relatively tight bends can be made but sharp corners are not possible.

How long is the umbilical between the two units?

Units are currently available with an umbilical cord 1120mm (44 inches) long and are suitable for installations where the exterior compressor unit hangs on the window on the brackets provided. The internal fan unit can be positioned on the detachable window brackets or can sit on a table or worktop near the window. The fan unit can only be positioned within 2 feet of the window.

Other mounting options caravan owners with a front lounge and a flat A-Frame can often sit the compressor on the towing frame and position the fan on the table or shelf inside. Some caravan owners who do not have a suitable faring have told us that they use a cheap picnic table and position the condensor unit on this.

How thick is the umbilical cord?

The cord is flat and is 9 mm thick and 50mm wide.

What's the clear tubing in the box for?

The tubing allows you to attach this to the internal unit to drain the water. So, when preparing to leave (or at such a time that warrants) switch the machine off for 20 minutes (this allows the ice crystals to melt and drop down into the reservoir) and then remove one of the rubber bungs to allow any condensate water in the reservoir to drain. It is at this point you may wish to put on the tubing and allow the water to drain into a jug or something similar, this is a good option if you cannot move the unit to a suitable place to drain it.

What are the black bungs for?

The bungs on used on the bottom of the evaporator unit. These stop the water from coming out. See the question regarding the clear tubing which also comes included in the box.

I've received a unit now what do I do?

We would recommend you watch our video which is available on the website and details everything from what comes in the box to how you should first use it. This video will explain what to expect.


My unit is switching off whilst on hook-up in Europe, what's going on?

Some campsites have fluctuations of power especially over night. If your unit keeps switching off at a particular time you have either hit the timer button without realising of their are power drops. Check this out with the campsite check-in desk who may know.

Will the unit work on European voltage? Can the unit work on 110v?

In 1994, to remove a perceived barrier to trade between European countries, the European Commission (EC) decided to ‘harmonise’ the standard UK mains voltage of 240V and the European standard of 220V at 230V. All units will operate on UK and EU power supplies. The equipment cannot be used on 110v – a step-up transformer would be required.

What is the power required 220v or 12v or both?

As above the unit will work on 230v AC – this means it is safe to operate on 220v and 240v. Customers can of course use an inverter to utilise power from batteries and solar panels to provide the 230v required. Be sure to size the inverter and batteries to suit your needs. We recommend the use of a pure sine inverter as they are kinder to electronic components.

How many amps does it draw? What is the peak and start-up power?

This unit will operate all day on a 3, 5 or 6 amp electrical hook-up without tripping a MCB. There are five electrical components in the system: Compressor, Condenser Fan, Evaporator Fan, Condensate Pump and the Control Panel. When running the units will draw 1.53 amps. Users need not worry about tripping MCBs when the unit is first switched on as the intelligent system soft-starts the electrical motors and thus keeps start-up (or inrush current) under 3 amps for less than a second.

Warranty & Maintenance

What happens if I sell my unit? Will the customer have my warranty period (if there's any time left)?

We hope you have enjoyed using the unit but we can understand if you not longer make use of it and wish to sell. If ownership does change, you should note the warranty belongs to the original customer and any rights are non-transferable.

I'm back from my holiday and I don't want my unit anymore, will you buy it from me?

We always suggest selling via eBay or another selling platform.

If you wish to return to us there is a restocking fee of 25%, you would also need to get the unit back to us via your own courier and we would need to check it before agreeing to take it back. We would not be able to sell the unit as new but refurbished/reconditioned.

What is the return policy?

Customers can change their mind within 14 days of delivery and return unused items to us for a no quibble refund excluding delivery costs.

If the time has lapsed and you still wish to return your unit you will need to contact us, please note there is a 25% restocking fee and the unit must be in a fit state to resell with the original packaging and all the associated contents.

Can you top up the gas in my air conditioning unit?

Existing customers can bring their units to us where we will recover, re-gas and leak check the unit whilst they wait. Customer's should not attempt to regas the unit themselves.

We have a large car park with easy access so you can park relatively easily and there are also several campsites close by so you could take the opportunity to see the wonderful Georgian town of Stamford at the same time! Servicing time is approximately 1-2 hours depending on availability.

The charge for this service is £38.40 including VAT however an appointment must be made to ensure we have a member of staff available to assist. Please contact us if you wish to arrange this service on 01780 761372.

What warranty or guarantee is offered?

A two year return to base warranty is offered with all units. For equipment outside of warranty we are able to service, repair and replace components on customer’s equipment (that has been purchased from Cool My Camper) and offer favourable labour rates including a courier collection and delivery service. Please contact us for details or call 01780 761372 for more information.

My car air conditioning needs the gas to be topped up every couple of years. Is this the same?

In all air conditioning systems, a small amount of refrigerant gas is lost each year. When air conditioning units no longer run cold, or the air from the evaporators is not as cold as you would like, it is time to re-gas the system. Our units use pneumatic tube manufactured from nylon so have a low loss of refrigerant gas, but to reduce weight there is no receiver cylinder and the volume of gas is low (at around 200 grammes of gas).  That said, users should not need to re-gas a unit in the first two to three years. 

Important EU Law put in place in 2010 to protect the environment effectively means that end users should not remove or release fluorinated refrigerant gas from air conditioning equipment. While equipment to re-gas a system is readily available from retailers the costs are prohibitive and these kits do not come with the guidance required (nor the adapter required to fit a push-on automotive service valve to the Schrader service valve on a/c units). In short – get your unit re-gassed by someone who knows what they are doing and qualified to F-Gas - C&G 2079 Cat I & II.

Existing customers can bring their units to us where we will recover, re-gas and leak check their unit while they wait for £38.40 inc VAT.  Please contact us if you wish to book this service on 01780 761372.

Are spare parts available?

There are no user serviceable parts and we will only supply a selection of replacement components to companies or individuals who are qualified to undertake repairs and hold a F-Gas - C&G 2079 Cat I & II qualification. That said, we are able to service, repair and replace components our customer’s equipment and offer favourable labour rates with a courier collection and delivery service. Please contact us for details.

I bought a unit from eBay and it does not work - can you fix it?

We pride ourselves on good service and offer technical and servicing support to Cool My Camper customer's.  If you have purchased from eBay and the unit does not work we would suggest you contact the seller who can best help you. We cannot be held responsible for second hand units as they may not have been purchased from us and the warranty remains with the original customer.

I'm in Europe can you collect my unit for regasing?

First, we need to know whether you purchased the unit from Cool My Camper. This helps us to know when the unit was purchased (and potentially how long you may have been using it).  We will then need to know if you are based in Europe permanently, if you are based abroad long-term, we would suggest you search for a company to regas the unit in the country you reside. If this is not possible or there is another issue, we would ask that you find a means of returning the unit to us.  Unfortunately we do not have a means of collection outside the UK.  The very best option is to contact us via telephone or email providing all your details so that we can assist you.

The unit doesn't appear to be cooling and I'm in Europe - help!

First, check the unit is free from obstruction. Ensure there is space around the internal unit, i.e. curtains or cushions etc are not likely to be hindering it from working or you've used (incorrectly) the plastic tube (which is not required and may not have been in your original box) to drain the water (the condensor needs water to allow it to work!). Remember if you have just pitched up (in 30+ degree heat) the unit will take a while to cool the space plus you will be over hot too so it will seem worse! 

If, after say half an hour, you still do not feel it is cooling, check the umbilical cord - gently peel back the plastic that covers it and see if there is liquid flowing (this is the gas which is required to make the unit work). If you cannot see any it may be that the gas has depleted.  We would suggest calling us to discuss further.

Water has come out the unit, what has gone wrong!

Nothing has gone wrong, if you have been using the air conditioning for a period of time it will need to be drained before it is put into storage. We suggest turning it off, waiting no more than 20 minutes then draining it (remove the bungs). This will allow the water to come out and be free of liquid for transportation. We do not recommend you continually drain the unit as it needs water to work!


I'm going away in a weeks time is that sufficient time to receive a delivery?

Yes, that is sufficient time however we advise you order at least two weeks before you are due to depart. Not because our delivery times are not accurate but because we want you to be familiar with the unit. This involves taking it out of the box, testing it in your living room (or even better in your leisure vehicle) ensuring it cools and making yourself aware of how the brackets work and how you will stow it etc. There is a video on our website which can be found by clicking on the link here.

If the unit is not right for you, for whatever reason, you have 14 days to advise us. See our terms and conditions for further information.

Can I arrange for a unit to be sent to my European campsite?

We used to deliver units to Europe for customers but unfortunately due to the multiple handling we have taken the decision to stop this service and will now only be offering delivery to a UK address.  An option previous customers have taken is to have a unit delivered to a stop on their route, i.e. a motorhome or caravan showroom or friend who would be happy to take a delivery for you. This helps you if you are travelling and cannot wait at home - however remember if the courier misses their delivery you may miss your unit!

I live in the United States can I purchase a unit?

No, unfortuantely due to gas regulations we are unable to ship the Cool My Camper unit to the USA. We believe there are similar units available in the US.

I am going away on holiday can I order a unit a few days before I leave?

We recommend you call several weeks in advance of your planned trip as the units often sell out before the end of summer. Occasionally we may have a couple of units available into the Christmas period but there is no guarantee we will have free stock. Also you need to order a unit in good time to become familar with the brackets and how they work with the unit and your vehicle. We also recommend you run the unit for 20 minutes (preferably much longer) before departing to ensure it is cooling sufficiently. If you travel with your unit to Europe and have not tested before departure we are unable to collect from and you will have to wait until you return to the UK for a replacement or repair.

How long is delivery from ordering?

If we have stock available we can deliver a unit within 1-2 working days, please note this is not guaranteed. We use the courier DPD who send a text to advise on the delivery time slot allowing you to rebook or leave with a neighbour if you are not available. You can collect from our offices if you wish which are based in Essendine, 3 miles from Stamford in Lincolnshire.

I've had the unit delivered, tried it and it's too heavy/not right for me. What should I do?

If you find, for whatever reason, the air conditioning unit is not as you had expected (through no fault of Cool My Camper) you can request a return within the 14 days cooling off period as per our terms and conditions. We will collect the unit from a specified address and have it returned to us. The unit must be well packaged for safe transit. Upon receipt (and after checking) we will issue you with a refund less the cost of delivery and collection. Full terms and conditions are available and are supplied at time of ordering.

Commercial and distribution

Do you have a distributor in USA/Australia/Africa?

No, not yet. We are a UK based and deliver to all European destinations served by our logistics company.

Are you looking for agents in USA/Australia/Africa?

If you are interested in becoming an agent contact us with your proposal and company details. While we are not actively seeking agents we may consider opening dialogue with interested parties.